A Home for Sensible Homes

I am a pioneer designer and builder of passive solar, super-insulated, healthy and affordable homes, an instructor in sustainable design and construction, a specialist in hygro-thermal engineering based on the universal laws of thermodynamics, and a philosopher of authentically green design in harmony with the natural world.

On this site, you will find a ten-part essay series called

Riversong’s Radical Reflections On Shelter

  1. Context – land, community & ecology
  2. Design – elegant simplicity, the Golden Mean
  3. Materials – the Macrobiotics of building: natural, healthy and durable
  4. Methods – criteria for appropriate technology
  5. Foundations – from the ground up
  6. Envelope – our third skin
  7. HVAC – maintaining comfort, health and homeostasis
  8. Energy & Exergy – sources and sinks
  9. Hygro-Thermal – the alchemy of mass & energy flow
  10. Capping it All Off – hat &  boots and a good sturdy coat

  by Robert Riversong: may be reproduced only with attribution for non-commercial purposes

I offer design and consulting services and can be reached at HouseWright (at) Ponds-Edge (dot) net.

Some of my work can be seen at:




My other blogs are:

Turning the Tide – Shifting the Paradigm of Human Culture

aVERT – a Vertical Emergency Response Training

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